Police Seizes A Nissan Skyline R32 With Patrol Car Livery From Local Car Show

Police Seizes Skyline R32 Patrol Car Livery

A Nissan Skyline R32 participating in the 2022 Art of Speed car show at MAEPS Serdang during the weekend has been seized by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM). Subsequently, the vehicle’s owner has also been detained for modifying it to resemble a patrol car – complete with police livery, insignias, and even a light bar.

According to Sepang District Police chief ACP Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof, images and videos featuring the Skyline R32 had been making rounds in social media, where it received viral attention from netizens. Even though the PDRM patrol car livery is intended for display purposes, modifying any civilian car or even motorcycles to resemble a police vehicle is deemed illegal, especially without permission from the authority. Doing so could potentially mislead the public into believing that such vehicles are operated by the police, leading to fraud or other worst case scenarios.

PDRM did not reveal the car owner’s identity or detail any penalties imposed. “Investigations into the video lead to the detention of a 45-year old suspect who is the owner of a car accessory shop,” said Wan Kamarul. “The suspect was apprehended at 10.30 pm along with the car, a set of keys, and an event participation slip.” 

Police Seizes Skyline R32 Patrol Car Livery
Image: PDRM

“Further investigation into the case will be conducted under Section 89 of the Police Act 1967,” Wan Kamarul added. Particularly, as stated in Section 89 (c) under the Act: Any person, not being a police officer, who without the permission of a Commanding Officer, unlawfully wears, uses or displays otherwise than in the course of a stage play or other theatrical performance, any uniform of the Force or any badge or device to indicate that he is a member of the Force or of any other body established or raised for police duties under this Act, or any dress having the appearance of or bearing the distinctive marks on such uniform, shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.

(Source: Harian Metro / PDRM [Facebook] [Twitter])

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