Police warn parties loitering, creating social media content at flooded areas of stern action

BALING: Police have warned that they will take stern action against any individual or party loitering in the flooded areas of the district in order to create social media content.

Baling police chief Supt Shamsudin Mamat said those who entered the disaster area with the intention of gaining popularity on social media could be prosecuted for obstructing the duties of civil servants.

“So, I would like to give advice to those with self-interests without feeling sorry for the flood victims who are in distress, please stop bothering the authorities by loitering in this disaster-stricken area without purpose,” he said.

According to him, the police have also set up two roadblocks at the junctions of Kampung Jerai and Kuala Kuang aimed at reducing the entry of unrelated vehicles into the disaster area.

Meanwhile, in ALOR SETAR, water concessionaire Syarikat Air Darul Aman (SADA) said 280,000 user accounts in three districts were affected due to the floods that occurred in Baling two days ago.

SADA’s corporate communications division in a statement informed that the water supply disruption in Baling, Kuala Muda and Kulim occurred due to the high turbidity of raw water due to the floods.

“The massive floods have resulted in the suspension of plant operations at the Sungai Petani Water Treatment Plant (LRA), Pinang Tunggal LRA, Kulim Hi-Tech LRA, Kuala Ketil Lama LRA and Kuala Ketil Baru LRA,” it said, adding that consumers could contact the SADA Information Centre at 1300 88 0017 or refer to SADA’s official Facebook page or website for the latest information. – Bernama