PS5 May Get Fourth Variant In September 2023 With Detachable Disk Drive

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The PS5 already has two variants so far in addition to the launch model, with each subsequent version trimming off more weight from the one before it. This has been a yearly thing since the console first launched in 2020, with almost the same amount of time in between each iteration. Next year, the console will reportedly be getting another update. But the focus won’t be weight reduction.

Tom Henderson via his own publication Insider Gaming cites sources that claim that the PS5 is getting a “unique overhaul” come September 2023. This D chassis, as it is described, will have identical hardware to the launch model and its two iterations, designated A, B and C chassis respectively. But with one big twist, which is a detachable disk drive. This will be connected to the back of the console via an extra USB-C port.

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Source: PlayStation.

This new PS5 variant may be sold on its own, or in a bundle with the detachable disk drive in question. The disk drive can also be purchased separately so when it gets broken, gamers can get a replacement drive rather than getting a new console, or sending it to be fixed but be left without the gaming machine throughout the repair duration.

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Source: PlayStation.

From the sound of it, Sony Interactive Entertainment may be looking to keep PS5 production uniform, rather than having to maintain two similar but separate designs. As a result, it only has to keep making the Digital Editions with a multipurpose USB-C port, and bundle it with the detachable disk drive for those who want it to play physical game copies. This could technically reduce the PS5 production costs for the company. But for its customers, chances are we won’t see a reverse in the price hike. While it’s unlikely, it’s still unclear if this disk drive can be used when attached to, say, a PC for more general use.

(Source: Insider Gaming)

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