RM2,500 aid provides much-needed relief for flood victims

BERA: Cash assistance, of RM2,500 for each household head to buy essential items, received on Saturday (Jan 29) has provided relief to flood victims here, apart from the Bantuan Wang Ihsan (BWI) compassionate aid distributed by the government recently.

Army veteran Rosli Mohamad, 58, said that he was thankful to receive the aid, which he would use to replace the furniture damaged by the flood early this year, after his house was flooded up to knee level.

Rosli, a resident of Kampung Bukit Che Man here, said the cash assistance was unexpected and described it as a blessing, after receiving BWI of RM1,000 from the federal government and RM500 from the Pahang government recently.

“The BWI aid received has been used to repair the doors and several parts of the house which were damaged, and it involved quite a high cost.

“Alhamdulillah, with the money I just received today, I want to buy a bed and mattress,” he told Bernama here on Saturday.

He was met after the presentation of the Northeast Monsoon Basic Necessities Aid 2021/2022 by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob at the Bera District Council Convention Hall here.

A total of 1,157 household heads affected by floods in Bera, here received cash amounting to RM2,500 each.

Another recipient, self-employed Syamsul Saaidin, 48, a father of five, said that he would keep the money for emergencies and repairing several damaged parts of his house, which was inundated by chest-deep floodwater.

“A lot of money has been spent during the floods. In fact, the school has reopened recently and so the spending is more towards the children’s school preparation.

“I am very thankful for receiving the aid because it eases my burden,” said Syamsul, who is staying in Taman Kerayong Indah, here.

Meanwhile, another recipient who only wanted to be known as Hong, 47, who lived in Taman Ann Lock here, said that the cash money would be used to buy electrical goods such as a washing machine and refrigerator.

“This time my house was hit by a very bad flood, up to my thigh. Prior to this, the flood water came up to only my ankle. Many items were damaged beyond repair, especially electrical equipment,” she added.- Bernama