Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB Model May Not Use Faster UFS 4 Chips

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With the Samsung Unpacked event just around the corner now, it’s no surprise that we see more and more leaks regarding the Galaxy S23 series of devices. We’ve already seen the promotional materials for specifically the chipset that it will be using. Another leak, though just a tad less certain, is the possibility of the most affordable model of the phone, the one featuring 128GB of storage space, will have slower storage in general.

According to prominent leakster Ice universe, the Samsung Galaxy S23 with 128GB will be using a UFS 3.1 chip, which is three years old by now. Conversely, the other models with larger storage capacities will be featuring the new UFS 4.0 standard, which the company claims is up to twice as fast. In addition to just the benefits of higher speed, the new standard also boasts better efficiency, which may contribute to a better battery life for the device.

The reason for this, according to the leakster, is that Samsung doesn’t make the 128GB versions of UFS 4.0 chips. To give the base model Samsung Galaxy S23 with 128GB storage the same UFS 4.0 standard would mean buying from other companies that do make them. And that would mean a higher cost of making the device, which will no doubt get passed to the customers.

Of course, all of this only matters if the Samsung Galaxy S23 acutally has a 128GB variant. An earlier leak by Ahmed Qwaider indicated that all three phones in the family will start with 256GB storage space, with the Ultra being the only one with storage options that go beyond that. But with the launch expected to be within the week, it won’t be long before we find out for sure if any of this will pan out the way these leaks suggest.

(Source: Ice universe, Ahmed Qwaider)

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