Samsung PRO Endurance microSD Cards Are Made Specifically For Dashcams

Samsung PRO Endurance

Dashcams are important for drivers, for one reason or another. But if you have one, chances are you’ll have to replace the memory cards in them pretty often, due to their lifespan being measured in write cycles. To that end, Samsung has announced a solution, sort of, with its new PRO Endurance microSD cards.

As the company claims, these new series of microSD cards have a lifespan of up 16 years of continuous recording. Interestingly, the storage capacity of the card determines its lifecycle. According to the press release, only the 256GB model has close to its 16-year lifespan. As you half the capacity further, so does the estimated life cycle, bottoming out at two years for the 32GB card. It also mentions that these estimates are based on testing using Full HD recordings at 26Mbps.

Beyond that, the Samsung PRO Endurance microSD cards sport read and write speeds of 100MB/s and 30MB/s respectively. The company also claims it is resistant to water, extreme temperatures, X-rays, magnets and drops.

Samsung PRO Endurance capacities
Source: Samsung.

Naturally, Samsung claims that these PRO Endurance cards are good not only for dashcams, but also CCTV, doorbell cameras and bodycams. Avid action cam users would also be able to make use of this, though if you have the largest capacity version you’re likely to upgrade your recording hardware before you change the card.

Samsung says that its PRO Endurance microSD cards will have a price range of US$10.99 (~RM48) to US$54.99 (~RM239), for the 32GB and 256GB models on both ends. No mention of what the specific prices are for the capacities in the middle. The company also says that these cards are now available, but no word on pricing and availability locally just yet.

(Source: Samsung)

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