Scammers Tried Selling Free Unreal Engine 5 Demo

Unreal Engine 5 demo superman-like character

You may or may not have previously read reports of one Tyson Butler-Boschma making an Unreal Engine 5 demo with a Superman-like skin. Maybe more than just read about it, you may have even seen videos of it in action. While said demo is free to download on, some have decided that it would be a good idea to sell it on Steam instead.

Insider Gaming reports that at from the start of this month, Tyson claims that he was made aware that his work is being sold on Steam for US$10 (~RM45.50) on average. Prices for this free Unreal Engine 5 demo also reportedly fluctuate on the regular, going all the way up to US$50 (~RM228) at one point. The report notes that he has filed a DMCA takedown with Steam last week, specifically on 7 November. But it would be only recently that the digital games marketplace took action.

In retaliation, Tyson claims that the scammers have launched their own offensive by not only sending abusive messages, but also DMCA takedowns on Youtube videos demonstrating the proof-of-concept game. They have also made claims like Tyson having previously worked for the “real” developers, and are now trying to “keep everything for himself”. Which is ironic when he is making his work on the Unreal Engine 5 demo free to begin with.

For what it’s worth, Insider Gaming claims to have seen proof that Tyson is indeed the original creator of the proof-of-concept featuring a Superman-like character. You can find out more about the demo itself by visiting the page, also linked below. If you actually intend to try out the Unreal Engine 5 demo yourself, note that the download link doesn’t lead you straight to the demo, but to a text file that contains the actual download link. This is because the entirety of the thing is larger than the upload size of

(Source:, Insider Gaming)

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