Selangor Residents To Get Free Health Screening Via Selangkah

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The Selangor state government is introducing a free health screening programme called Saring Selangor through the Selangkah app that will benefit citizens in identifying their health background and risk factors. Registration for the programme will start on 16 May and all Selangor residents will be able to receive the screening.

According to the Saring Selangor website, you will need to be a registered voter in Selangor who was born in the state or have been residing here for at least ten years to qualify for the programme. You will also need to provide any past diagnosis records or treatment reports if you have any.

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The screenings that will be offered are physical tests, full blood tests, urine tests, eye exams, cervix swab tests, iFOBT stool screening, and mammograms. You won’t necessarily be eligible to take all the tests as you will be provided with vouchers based on your risk factors such as family history, being overweight, or having an unhealthy lifestyle.

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“Saring Selangor offers health screening for three categories of aliments including non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure; cancer (colorectal, prostate, cervix and breast), as well as optical diseases including myopia, glaucoma and retina,” according to state executive councillor for public health Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud.

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While registration only opens up on the Selangkah app this Monday, we found that you can already sign up for the health screenings right now by going to the Saring Selangor website and logging in using your Selangkah account. After you have given all your health details, you will need to choose which constituency you wish to go to for the screening as well as the date . As for our testing, 27 August was the only date available and the exact venue has yet to be determined.

The results of the health screening will be kept in a lifelong health record which will be accessible to other healthcare facilities in the future. If you have any issues with the registration, you can contact the Selcare hotline at 1-800-22-6600. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with your local Selangor Community Health Volunteers (SUKA) hotline.

(Source: Selangorkini)

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