Setel App For Apple Watch Is Here

Setel App for Apple Watch

After its arrival was teased by the service’s official Twitter account late last month, the Setel app for Apple Watch is now available to end-users. In general, the app allows iPhone users to access Setel’s fuelling feature directly on the smartwatch when they are at Petronas station.

Called Setel Watch, we were not able to locate the app through Apple Watch’s App Store though but then again, it is a companion app and not a standalone app. This is something that has been pointed out by the Senior Product Designer of Setel, Melan Yapa in the highly informative design breakdown on his website which, unfortunately, has been removed on the day the app’s existence was known to the public.

Setel App for Apple Watch
Setel Watch app inside the My Watch section of the Watch app.

That being said, all you actually need to do is update the Setel app in your iPhone to v1.95.1 in order to have it on your Apple Watch. If you still didn’t see it in your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to the Available Apps within the My Watch section.

You should then see Setel Watch as one of the apps in the list and just press the Install button to have it on your Apple Watch. Since this is a companion app, it will not ask for any login details from users as long as they have already logged into the Setel app inside their iPhone.

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