Setel Share Adds Support For CardTerus

setel share cardterus

Setel revealed that it has added support for CardTerus on the app’s Setel Share feature. With this addition, users now have another way to top up the app’s e-wallet in order to make payments for other members within their Setel Share group.

CardTerus is actually just a straightforward payment method where Setel directly charges your credit or debit card whenever you make a purchase. It was introduced into the app way back in 2020, but when Setel Share first launched last year, it only allowed you to make group payments through the in-app e-wallet.

setel share cardterus
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If you’re not familiar with Setel Share, it allows you to add up to two people into a group in your Setel account and they could be anyone, from your family members, friends, or partner as long as they have a Setel account. Through the feature, users in your group can pay for petrol and other things directly using a dedicated Setel Share wallet — and now, your credit or debit card too.

Share allows you to track members’ expenses and be notified in real-time whenever they make a purchase using your money while the group owner can also set a monthly limit per member, up to a maximum of RM2,000 per month. Additionally, any transactions made by the members will still receive Mesra points which will all be consolidated into your account.


Setel app also added many convenient features over the last year, expanding its usage beyond Petronas petrol stations. More recently, the app implemented a street parking payment feature for some areas as well automated parking payment system in Suria KLCC. In addition to selected electric vehicle chargers under Gentari and JomCharge networks, the e-wallet can now also be used in several physical and online stores, with a companion Apple Watch app to make things more convenient.

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