SK hynix Begins Shipping Out 24Gb DDR5 Samples

SK hynix announced that it has begun sampling out its first 24Gb DDR5 samples to industry partners. The move comes more than a year after it released its own take of the memory standard in October 2020.

SK hynix says that the new 24Gb DDR5 memory samples are made using cutting-edge 1anm technology, which is technically the semiconductor maker’s fourth iteration of the 10nm process, using the EUV process. Technically speaking, it also means that each chip within a DDR5 module contain 24Gb, up from the existing 16Gb used with the 1ynm DDR5.

In terms of improvements, the increased memory per chip means that the company’s latest DDR5 modules should have an improved production efficiency and speed increase of 33% over the last generation. In addition, it also consumes 25% less power.

(Image source: TPU.)

At the moment, the samples SK hynix has passed out are available in two variants: 48GB and 96GB. Further, these samples are being supplied to cloud data centres first, but the company says that it also hopes to sample its new product out to companies that employ high-performance servers that run big data processing task, including AI and machine learning.

(Source: SK hynix)

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