Snap Reveals Pixy Selfie Drone

Snap, the social media brand behind Snapchat, officially launched its latest product: a selfie drone known simply as Pixy. As you can see in the embedded video, the drone is tiny and features a squarish sort of chassis that houses the four fans, and fits squarely into the palm of one’s hand.

According to its parent company, Pixy was designed to follow its user around, capturing video and then proceeding to send it back to the Snapchat app. Through the drone, Snap is expecting, hoping even, that the users will use the drone to play around and create video selfies that negate the traditional need to hold a phone.

It is worth noting that Pixy is the second physical product Snap has launched, at least since it rebranded itself from Snapchat to its current label and released the Spectacles, its first product that was designed to record 10-second videos with a 115° lens.

Other specifications of the Pixy include a battery that, on a full charge, should provide users with roughly five to eight flights, with each flight lasting roughly 10 to 20 seconds. Oh, and each battery costs US$20 (~RM87), but Snap also sells a dual-battery charger for US$50 (~RM218). The drone is also light, weighing in at just 101g.

Additionally, the Pixy uses a 12MP sensor that can shoot up to 100 videos and capture 1000 photos that are stored on the onboard 16GB internal storage drive.

The Snap Pixy is currently on sale online in the US and France, and retails for US$230 (~RM1003). At the time of writing, it is uncertain if or when Snap will make its drone available to the global market.

(Source: YouTube, The Verge, Pixy)

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