Sony Looking To Hire Senior Director For PC Planning And Strategy

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Sony Interactive Entertainment started using its PlayStation PC LLC label last year for games that were formerly exclusives, but got PC ports. The company may be looking to further its efforts for the platform. It has put up a hiring notice looking for a senior director for PC planning and strategy at PlayStation Global.

The one who gets the role is expected to lead the company’s PC growth and commercial strategy, as well as dealing with PC store strategies. The listing mentions specifically Steam and the Epic Games Store, which makes it sound less likely that PlayStation would want to come up with its own PC launcher.

Source: PlayStation.

Sony already has a couple of success stories with bringing its PlayStation exclusives to PC. Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War have done well so far, with Uncharted coming later this year. So it makes sense that the company would want more of that in the future.

But the question that remains is if PlayStation will decide to release its console exclusives on PC simultaneously or if it will still be a staggered affair as it is now. It looks like it will be up to whoever takes this position to decide.

(Source: Greenhouse via PC Gamer)

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