Spanish Police Raid Find Cryptomining Farm Instead Of Illegal Marijuana Growhouse

If there’s one lesson that life has constantly taught us, it is that nothing in life is always what it seems. Case in point, Spanish authorities conducted a raid on premises that it believed were being used to illegally grow marijuana. However, instead of finding rooms full of the therapeutic plant, what greeted it was a room full of hardware, set up for cryptomining.

According to the Spanish police, it seized ASIC miners, as well as what appeared to several miners comprising multiple EVGA-branded NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, all from a commercial lot somewhere within Seville. As to how the local authorities found the place, it was the higher-than-average electricity consumption that led them to place. Apart from the illegal marijuana cultivation, it seems that it never crossed the authority’s mind that mining for crypto would have been a possibility. For that matter, the bust also kind of gives you an idea of how rampant cryptocurrency mining is in the country.

In total, the seizer miners had a value of 50000 Euros (~RM233487) and was generating at least 2500 Euros (~RM11674) in profit for the miners that had access to it.

We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but we should point out that mining for cryptocurrency isn’t illegal in Spain, but running a miner farm off a tampered power grid within a residential or commercial area is. As we said in a previous report, at best, you’re drawing more power for the miners to work harder. At worst, you could cause a blackout within the immediate area of the miner farm.

(Source: Spanish Police, El Chapuzas Informatico, Videocardz)

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