Spotify New Year’s Hub Is A Generic Popular Music Mashup

Spotify New Year's Hub

By now, it is basically a Spotify tradition to present users with their unique annual music recap via Wrapped. Which is a pretty great feature, since it’s basically the same songs that you’ve listened to on repeat in the year, which must mean that you loved said songs enough to do that. Following up on that, unfortunately, is something far less impressive, which is the Spotify New Year’s Hub.

As per the official announcement, Spotify has compiled “plenty of music to kickstart your celebration” with the New Year’s Hub. You get a range of both up-beat and low-key playlists, with appropriate names like “Party Hits” and “Comfort Zone”. The streamer says that last year, 82000 New Year’s Eve playlists were put together to celebrate the occasion, with 40000 of them created on the night itself. Which is probably what prompted the company to do so itself with this New Year’s Hub.


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That’s all well and good, but if you’ve quit listening to the radio because what’s popular grates your ears, then this Spotify New Year’s Hub won’t be for you. In fact, you’ll probably be better off going back to Your Top Songs 2022, as well as its derivative playlists under Wrapped and giving it another run before it goes away for good.

In the announcement post, Spotify also says that starting 1 January, it will be putting up “content to help you set your resolutions”. No specifics were provided as to what this will actually be, so it’s a coin toss as to whether this will be another generic popular music mashup or something that’s actually curated for you.

Speaking of resolutions, the more important question that is not being answered is “where is Spotify HiFi?”. The feature is now a full year late based on the initial announcement early last year, and in January the company said that its implementation is effectively on hold indefinitely.

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Then in October we saw what were perhaps hints of it finally happening, when a Spotify subscriber of 10 years finally gave up and ended his subscription. The service then sent them a survey which mentions a Platinum HiFi plan that costs double the Premium plan and has other features, but most importantly, HiFi audio.

Unfortunately, for now anyway, that survey remains just that. While there are plenty of financial reasons why the company has decided to stay silent on its broken promise, it’s stings a little when the company announces something new that isn’t HiFi, or sinks big chunks of money on something that isn’t that.

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