The Next Tomb Raider Game Is Now In Development

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 21

You know the game dev studio Crystal Dynamics mainly from the Tomb Raider series, and especially the relatively recent reboot trilogy. The studio has announced that it has started the development of the next game in the series. It is being made with Unreal Engine 5, which also sees its general release today.

According to the studio, its goal with the next Tomb Raider game made using Unreal Engine 5 is “to push the envelope of fidelity and to deliver high-quality cinematic action-adventure experience that fans deserve”. Which is probably going to be simpler than before, if you’ve seen what the new engine is capable of.

Beyond that though, the studio has not shared details on what this next Tomb Raider title will be about. Naturally, speculations go down two roads – one being another sequel to the reboot series, the other being more remakes of the classics. Either way, we won’t know for sure until another official announcement comes along.

Going back to Tomb Raider is probably the best for Crystal Dynamics at any rate, assuming it’s a complete singleplayer package like the rest. The studio’s most recent work is the Marvel’s Avengers live service title, which didn’t get the best of receptions, to put things mildly.

(Source: Crystal Dynamics / Twitter)

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