Tiger, tiger not so bright: Car rams into animal on dark Kelantan road

PETALING JAYA: A driver was jolted when a tiger suddenly ran across the road, causing the moving car to ram into it.

The incident, recorded in a video that has gone viral on social media, is believed to have happened in Kelantan.

The video, which is taken with a dashcam, was shared on the Malaysia Animal Association’s Facebook page and others, credited to a Danny Lee.

From the 16-second clip, the incident happened at 11.44pm on Thursday (July 7).

The car is being driven in the left lane and at about 65kmh when the tiger suddenly appears from the right and races across the road.

After being hit by the car, the tiger slides off the road from the force of the collision but managed to run back into some bushes.

The stunned driver then pulls over to the left before the video ends.

“No other details are known about the incident,” read a post on the association’s Facebook page.


Harimau dilanggar kereta. Kejadian dipercayai berlaku di Kelantan.

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