Time Fibre Home 2Gbps Plan Is Currently Available Only In Three Locations

Time Fibre Home 2Gbps

Today marked the official rollout of the Time Fibre Home 2Gbps plan after it was officially announced to the public yesterday. Even though we already know how much it costs per month, which is RM379, other information regarding the plan was only revealed today.

One of the major pieces of information that we have finally learned today is the plan’s availability. While Time already pointed out in yesterday’s announcement that the 2Gbps service can only be obtained at select locations within Time Fibre Home’s coverage areas, it turns out the availability is indeed extremely limited.

In the FAQ for the 2Gbps plan, the ISP noted that the 2Gbps plan is only available at Mont Kiara, Segambut, and Desa Park City for the time being. Even within these three locations, it is still limited to selected buildings although Time did not specifically list them in the FAQ.

Time Fibre Home 2Gbps
One of the buildings in Mont Kiara that can support Time’s new 2Gbps plan according to the ISP’s coverage map, as of 3:45 PM today.

While Time Fibre Home plans have always been faster and more affordable than TM’s unifi Home plans, Time continues to lose out when it comes to coverage footprint. Hence, we were not exactly surprised when we learned about the limited coverage of the 2Gbps plan.

In the same FAQ, the ISP said that it is committed to expanding the availability of the 2Gbps plan in more locations over the next few months. The company also said that it has to upgrade existing infrastructure in order to deliver the new speed.

[Image: Amanz.]

As mentioned in our report yesterday, Time utilizes the 10G PON technology in order to deliver the new 2Gbps service. While it may not be the only local company that already adopted the technology, the ISP is still the first in Malaysia to deploy commercial services using 10G PON which is something they already worked on since 2019.

With the official rollout today, the ISP has also revealed the exact network equipment that it will provide to 2Gbps customers which includes Huawei HN8245X6 Wi-Fi 6 Router and two Huawei HG8145X6 mesh Wi-Fi 6 routers. The choice of the router’s brand is not surprising too since Time partnered with Huawei to implement the 10G PON technology.

TIME Internet 2Gbps
[Image: Time.]

Aside from the speed, another major difference between the new 2Gbps option when compared with the three other Time Fibre Home plans is that customers have to sign a 24-month contract for it. For other plans, customers can actually obtain them without a contract, provided that they pay a one-time fee of between RM400 to RM500 during sign-up.

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