TM Is About To Open The First Unifi Store

Unifi Store

Given that the majority of Malaysians is a TM customers in one way or another, there is a high chance that you may have visited a TMpoint at least once. After all, it is the main retail point for TM although it is also being supplemented by the company’s network of authorised dealers and for that very reason, we just have to ask this: what is this Unifi Store all about?

We actually stumbled upon it in IOI City Mall at Putrajaya while working on the story regarding the GSC IMAX with Laser hall earlier this month. In fact, you should be able to spot the cinema on the right-hand side of the photo below:

Unifi Store

At the moment, we have no clue at all what the Unifi Store is all about. For one, we actually reached out to TM representatives earlier this week but were met with radio silence until now and we couldn’t find it on Unifi’s website too which currently only has a listing for TMpoint locations as well as authorised dealers and reseller outlets.

We did try to look for Unifi Store in the IOI City Mall’s tenant directory but the effort was rather futile as the outlet still has not been listed there so far. Of course, this is most probably because it is still in construction.

Given the outlet’s size, it seemed that the new Unifi Store could be some sort of an experience centre. If that’s the case, it could make things a little awkward for TM though as this Unifi Store is located right across the newly opened Astro Experience Centre:

Unifi Store
These two outfits are close “frenemies”, to say the least.

Once again, we really don’t know the actual purpose of the Unifi Store as well as its modus operandi and role within TM’s retail arm. Nevertheless, we will keep you posted once we receive more information about it, so stay tuned.

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