Tok Mat: Kill money politics before it kills Umno

KUALA LUMPUR: Don’t just fight money politics – kill it, Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan (pic) tells members.

He said party members must have the determination to get rid of money politics and at the same time make generational change if Umno wants to remain relevant and trusted.

“It has not just caused Umno to lose (elections) but has made the party weak and non-resilient.

“To all Umno members, realise this. Money politics is just ugly, disgusting and vile.

“Umno is only for those who are clean and committed to a struggle and who love his race.

“We must kill money politics before it kills Umno,” he said when opening the Umno Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings meeting at World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur here on Wednesday night (Jan 11).

Instead of money and power, Umno must use progressive ideas and intelligence as its political capital.

This could be achieved through generational change which Mohamad said was much needed by the party as seniority or age should not be used as an asset among Umno leaders.

“We must allow the party to be led by its current generation who understand more the current political needs and demands,” he said.

He said that Umno members must have the commitment to cure, heal and rebuild Umno again.

“What is the future of Umno, given the current political development? To be honest, I have no answer.

“But there is only one mission for us which is to lead Umno the best that we can so that the people will have the confidence in us,” he said.

As the way forward, Mohamad said that there must be a collective responsibility to rebuild Umno, and any struggle that the party chooses must have the support of the Umno leaders, members and the Malays.

Umno, which was part of the unity government, would lead transparently and would manage the country responsibly.

He said Umno must also forget its desire to be in total power and play its role to fight for good policies, fresh ideas, transparent practices and pragmatic thinking.

He assured Umno members, despite being in the government, the party would be the check and balance that was firm and effective.

Umno General Assembly 2022, which was postponed from last year, commenced on Wednesday (Jan 11) until Saturday (Jan 14).