Touch ‘N Go eWallet Service Disruption Affects RFID, PayDirect (Update)

Touch n Go eWallet disruption

UPDATE [6:47 PM]: TNG removed the original post we referred to, and put up a new one that essentially says the same thing. What’s new here is the fact that RFID can still be used if you have sufficient balance. TNG cards can also still be reloaded at physical reload points as usual.


The Touch ‘n Go eWallet is one of many available options that’s currently available to Malaysians. Though if you’re an active user of the service, you may have had some trouble making use of it in the past couple of hours. Chances are you can already guess the reason behind this, but the service is indeed experiencing disruptions.

Within the TNG eWallet app, you’ll see “connection timed out” when you’re trying to access either the eWallet itself, or the RFID menu. As for PayDirect, you’ll instead see a more generic error page.

Touch n Go eWallet disruption RFID

On the official Touch ‘n Go eWallet Facebook page, the company states that it is currently working on a fix, and will update users accordingly. Since this also affects two toll payment options, users should use the TNG card instead in the meantime. A similar message has been shared on the company’s official Instagram account as well, but as a Story rather than a full-on post. No word on what to do if you’ve already made it past the first toll gate with the affected methods.

The Touch ‘n Go eWallet app has had a pretty bumpy ride in recent months. Early last month, it got delisted from the Apple App Store for a few days before reappearing as suddenly as it disappeared. The only official explanation was offered as a reply to selected customers on its social media channels that it was having “app update discussions with Apple”.

Touch n Go eWallet disruption PayDirect

On a more positive note, just earlier this week Touch ‘n Go announced that its eWallet will be usable in Singapore, thanks to a collaboration with Alipay+. That being said, this is only accepted by the ComfortDelGro taxi services. Though it’s worth noting that the support page for the service also listed Japan as a compatible location for cross-border payments.

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