Toyota Malaysia Is Now Testing bZ4X All-Electric SUV

President of UMW Toyota Motor Ravindran K / Toyota bZ4X

In general, 2022 is quite a vibrant year for the electric vehicle industry in Malaysia with plenty of new EVs from various brands having made their way into our market. However, some major names were still missing in action such as Toyota but that may change soon though.

In a speech at the Toyota Malaysia media night just moments ago, the President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ravindran K revealed that the company is currently sampling the brand’s all-electric SUV, BZ4X in Malaysia. He also noted the brand is planning to launch several new hybrid models in our market and has reiterated Toyota’s commitment to green energy vehicles as well as electrification.

President of UMW Toyota Motor Ravindran K / Toyota bZ4X

However, Ravindran K did not reveal when exactly UMW Toyota Motor will roll out the bZ4X into our market though. That being said, it has been reported before that Toyota has already planned to launch the EV in Malaysia sometime in 2023.

Furthermore, several EV chargers have also been spotted at UMW Toyota Motor headquarters in Shah Alam since earlier this year. Many in the industry took this as a huge indication that the company is getting ready for EV.

Toyota bZ4X
[Image: Toyota,.]
Toyota bZ4X
[Image: Toyota.]

Made its debut back in April 2021 as the bZ4X concept, the RAV4-like SUV is the first of 15 pure electric models that Toyota has planned to release globally by 2025. Equipped with a 71.4kWh battery, Toyota said that the front-wheel-drive version of the SUV can go up to 500km according to the WLTC standard while the four-wheel-drive variant has a maximum range of 460km.

While bZ4X did face a safety issue recently which has led to a global recall, the production of the electric SUV has since been resumed. Given what we have seen so far together with the remark from Ravindran, it is quite possible that we are finally going to see an all-electric Toyota on Malaysian roads soon.

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