Twitter Now Lets You Share Up To Four Mixed Media In One Tweet

Twitter Mixed Media Tweet Tweets

Twitter has rolled a new update which lets users share mixed media in a single tweet. This is now available globally via the latest version of the platform‘s mobile application that is available on both iOS and Android devices.

According to Twitter, formats that are supported by this update include photos, videos and GIFs, together with your typical text-based tweet. These will appear in a grid arrangement underneath the text, limited to a total of four mixed media per post. Once published, thumbnails that feature videos or GIFs will automatically be played, but not simultaneously. As with most gallery-like functions, tapping on each thumbnail will provide users with an enlarged view of the attached media.

Twitter Mixed Media Tweet Tweets

The process of creating a mixed media tweet is no different from preparing a regular one. In the tweet composer, simply tap on the photo icon and add in the media of your choice. Twitter adds that you can attach more than one video or GIF if you so wish, as long as you adhere to the four content limit.

However, there’s one minor caveat when using this new format. For now, you can only fully utilise this feature only on the platform itself, as sharing mixed media tweets elsewhere – regardless, through link sharing or tweet embedments – will only show just one attachment instead of the whole lot. It is unclear whether the format is intended to be exclusive to Twitter, or the off-platform sharing function has not been updated to reflect the new changes yet.

Twitter Mixed Media Tweet Tweets

The decision to introduce simultaneous mixed media sharing is interesting, though it’s probably something that will be appreciated by a certain group of users. Unless you’re an influencer or a business, there’s little to no reason to share more than two formats in a single tweet. Well, if you ever find a reason to do so, at least you now know Twitter allows it.

(Source: Twitter [official blog])

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