Twitter Now Testing Search Subscribe Feature For Word-Specific Tweets

Twitter is currently working on a new feature that will allow the users of the platform to get notified when there are new tweets that match a specific search term they have subscribed to. As for its name, the tool it simply called “Search Subscribe”.

News of the feature was first posted by Twitter user and Android developer, Dylan Roussel, via his account, along with a couple of screenshots of the tool in action. Although the feature isn’t available to the general public yet, it is safe to assume that Twitter will be making an official announcement on it soon, as it is already being tested via its Alpha program.

In order for this feature to be utilized, Twitter users must simply type a certain word of their choice in the search bar and click on the bell button next to it, should they wish to be notified on tweets related to the searched term. Once the user has subscribed, a notification will appear, informing that the user has subscribed to receive push notifications on the provided term. Unfortunately, Roussel was unable to display the actual notifications of the new feature. He presumed it was due to the possibility of it not functioning yet or rather, of it only sending the notifications occasionally to avoid receiving a deluge of spam tweets.

Roussel also noted that, in the replies of the main tweet, there is also a new “Notes” tab on profiles. However, as of now, he is unsure of the nature of the Twitter tool but says that he will be observing the feature for any future updates.

As there is a fair number of new features being introduced to the platform initially launching as premium exclusives, it does not seem too far-fetched to consider the idea of Search Subscribe becoming an addition to the list of paid attributes on the site.

(Image source: Getty Images via TechCrunch.)

This isn’t the only change Twitter has made to its platform of late, either. In May, the company announced that it was going to be hiding false and misleading tweets during crises, a move that many have considered to be a tacit response to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Later in that same month, the social network began rolling out the “Circle” feature to users, allowing select users to make their tweets available to the public or only to the people within their…well, circle.

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Irfan Iskandar contributed to this article.

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