Twitter Restricts “Copypasta” Tweets To Reduce Spam

twitter spam

In an effort to reduce spammy tweets on its platform, Twitter has published a new set of policies that will limit the reach of copypasta and duplicates. If you’re unfamiliar, a copypasta is when multiple users copy a block of text from an original source and duplicate it to spread it more widely.

Twitter already said in 2020 that it would be limiting the visibility of copypastas, but the new content policy serves to define what actually violates its rules. The company said that these duplicates are repetitive, spammy, and disruptive to users’ experiences on the platform with some attempting to artificially amplify or suppress certain information.

Contents that fall under the new restriction include ones that are identical and are tweeted by several accounts or by one account several times. Retweets and copy-pasting with additional unique content are exempted from this policy and will not have their visibility limited.

While posting copypastas on their own doesn’t lead to a ban, using bots, multiple spammy accounts, and repeatedly tweeting duplicates to promote content can lead to the removal or permanent suspension of the user. Elon Musk, Twitter’s tentative new owner, has said that he intends to eradicate spam bots from the site.

(Source: Twitter)

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