Useful Resources To Help You Prep Up For This Weekend’s GE15

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Are you well prepared for Malaysia’s 15th general election (GE15) that’s happening this weekend? Apart from being present at the polling stations, there are plenty of other factors that you should keep in mind before you head out to cast your vote. These include your voter status, the location of your designated polling station, operating hours, the dos and don’ts while on location, and many more.

For a lot of people, a quick search online is often the approach taken in order to look these up. However, blatantly doing so also has a chance to mislead you to bogus information, which may cost you your vote.

Thankfully, there are several trusted resources that are easily accessible to fully aid you to prepare for this weekend. For your convenience, we’ve listed them below:

MySPR Semak

MySPR Semak GE15 election resources

Just in case you missed our previous coverage, MySPR Semak is an online portal and mobile app that provides you with the ability to check your voter status without needing to visit the Election Commission’s (EC) office. By entering your MyKad number, the Semakan Daftar Pemilih (Review Voter Information) page provides you with your personal details, information regarding designated state assembly & parliament zone, locality, and voting district, as well as voting details such as polling locations, voting date and times, and so on.

MySPR Semak GE15 election resources

MySPR Semak also lets you review past election results and look up participating GE15 election candidates, which are sorted by state and electoral division. Another convenient feature is the ability to locate your designated polling station through its app, where tapping the Dapatkan Arah Tuju (Get Directions) link will pinpoint its location through a compatible navigation app such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze.

Quick links: Official website / Mobile App [Android] [iOS]

Undi Negaraku

General Election 15 GE15 Resources Guide UndiNegaraku MySPR JomCheck
Image: Undi Negaraku

Undi Negaraku ( is a one-stop website created as part of a collaboration between non-governmental organisation Undi18 and Google Malaysia. It is designed to be an online voter education platform that aims to provide individuals access to credible and helpful information for the upcoming general election.

General Election 15 GE15 Resources Guide UndiNegaraku MySPR JomCheck
Image: Undi Negaraku

Among the resources provided by Undi Negaraku includes a guide for first-time voters, a list of participating parties and coalitions in GE15, tips on how to fact check and identify misinformation, and much more. For individuals who will be casting their votes for the first time, this site serves as a good launch pad to help you get started. Undi Negaraku also shares tips and updates through its social media channels, which you can find via the quick links provided below.

Quick links: Official website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram


General Election 15 GE15 Resources Guide UndiNegaraku MySPR JomCheck
Image: JomCheck

JomCheck is a fact-checking platform recently launched by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Media and Communication (Mention) and Google Malaysia. It is also the first academe-media-civil society fact checking alliance in the country, bringing together multi-sectors in efforts to combat misinformation.

Image: JomCheck

Users can conduct fact checks concerning the upcoming GE15 by submitting their questions to the JomCheck’s WhatsApp account, which can be accessed through the quick link below. All of its responses will also include a reference to the source from which it had obtained the information from, including MyCheck Malaysia, Malaysiakini,, and so on.

Quick links: WhatsApp / Twitter / Facebook

RakanMET / MET Malaysia

General Election 15 GE15 Resources Guide UndiNegaraku MySPR JomCheck
Image: RakanMET

Voter preparation and combating misinformation aside, let’s not forget that it is currently the rainy season in Malaysia. This could potentially lead to floods happening during the weekend, which may also affect GE15. Hopefully, this won’t be the case, but it’s better to be prepared for the worse case scenario than sorry.

RakanMET now available as mobile app

For this, we highly recommend following weather updates and forecasts via the Malaysian meteorological department’s (MetMalaysia) official Twitter account, as well as its RakanMET website and mobile app. The latter two are very useful as you can check the weather status for specific locations in the country. Furthermore, RakanMET is community driven, so you may also choose to contribute to the effort if you so wish.

Quick links: MET Malaysia [Twitter] | RakanMET website / mobile app [Android] [iOS])

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