Valve Shows Off Steam Deck Packaging

Steam Deck carrying case

Valve has shown off what its upcoming Steam Deck looks like for a few months not. Then back in October, the company even showed what the device’s insides look like. Now, to close it all off, pun intended, the company is showing the packaging that it will come in for those who have successfully placed their orders for one.

The main takeaway here is that the Steam Deck will come with its own carrying case. Which is nice, since for the many handhelds prior, especially of the Nintendo variety, these kinds of things are usually pricey optional extras. Also in the box is a power supply, which Valve says will be appropriate for each customer’s region.

Steam Deck packaging
Source: Valve.

The Steam Deck itself will also probably not change much between what we’ve seen and when it reaches customers’ hands. Valve said that it has completed its Design Validation manufacturing build, or the final prototype. The company says there will be minor changes, but the overall silhouette looks to be set in stone for now.

All that said, the Steam Deck remains unavailable for reservation in Malaysia. For everywhere else that can get it, availability has been pushed back to February 2022 thanks to the ongoing chip shortage.

(Source: Valve)

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