War of words erupts between two DAP elected reps in Klang

KLANG: A war of words has erupted between two DAP elected representatives in Klang and is threatening to escalate further.

It all started with newly elected Klang MP V. Ganabathirau replying to a question in one of his posts regarding floods.

Ganabathirau had replied that, in Klang, except for two out of the three assemblymen and three out of the 14 local councillors, the others were “under the radar”.

The assemblymen under the Klang parliamentary constituency are Bandar Baru Klang’s Datuk Teng Chang Khim, Pandamaran’s Tony Leong Tuck Chee and Port Klang’s Azmizam Zaman Huri.

“I am trying my best in educating/connecting them to the prioritise the public issues (sic)…..I believe soon it will be better wt (sic) changes…….,’’ he said in his reply on Facebook.

Apparently not willing to tolerate the alleged disrespect and nit-picking, DAP veteran Teng hit back and lambasted Ganabathirau.

“What kind of MP is this? Not even sworn in but has started to do reporting in FB (Facebook) from (his) home sofa and wildly accused his comrades in PH (Pakatan Harapan) of not doing their jobs.

“Does he think that he won on his own merit in Klang with 90K (90,000) majority votes?

“What did he do in the past four years that made Sri Muda the worst affected flooded area last December?

“Oh! Yes, that must be other people’s fault,’’ retorted Teng.

The flood-prone Taman Sri Muda comes under the Kota Kemuning state constituency for which Ganabathirau is the assemblyman.

In an earlier post on his timeline, Ganabathirau also claimed that Klang Utama’s flooding had remained unresolved for 20 years.

“The chairman of the Klang Utama Residents’ (association) had complained but no one had listened to their problems and settled the flood problem,” Ganabathirau alleged.

Ganabathirau claimed he had monitored Jalan Sungai Keramat there and the situation was saddening.

“Hope the relevant parties will take immediate action,” said Ganabathirau.

Taman Klang Utama comes under Teng’s Bandar Baru Klang state constituency.

This is Teng’s last term in politics as he has decided not to contest in the upcoming state election.

Teng is a well-respected assemblyman who had held office for six terms and is the Selangor executive council’s senior exco.