‘We have lost faith in the party’, two Sabah DAP assemblymen call it quits

KOTA KINABALU: Two Sabah DAP assemblymen announced that they quit the party.

The two Elopura assemblyman Calvin Chong and Sri Tanjung assemblyman Justin Wong said that they had lost confidence in the party and decided to quit.

Their departure will leave Sabah DAP with four assemblymen from the original six.

Also resigning with them was former Senator Adrian Lasimbang.

Their joint statement is as follows: “We began our respective political careers by vouching for a better Sabah – greater autonomy, better infrastructure, greener space and more importantly a more inclusive society that transcends race and religion.

“There is no better time to realise these than now, as we have witnessed the recent passing of the amendment on Art.1(2) of the Federal Constitution.

“We feel there is an imminent need to choose a more viable platform that would allow us to better serve our beloved state.

“It has almost become impeccable for Sabah leaders to start looking for issues that will resonate well with the needs and wants of all Sabahans.

“Unfortunately, we could not find this with Sabah DAP.

“There is a lack of trust portrayed by our leadership in the state committee, the state chairman in particular.

“The loss of direction, serious internal division, and almost defunct level of communication between leaders have caused us to believe that the party is no longer a party that will strive. And it is getting corrosive.

“Therefore, with a heavyheart, we hereby announce that we are leaving the DAP with immediate effect.”