What You Need To Know About The CIMB OCTO App And Why You Should Experience It Yourself


When it comes to online banking and transferring money on a regular basis, mobile banking platforms have definitely become heavily integrated with our daily lives. Similarly, all CIMB users are well-aware of the CIMB Clicks mobile app and what it has to offer for its users, from faster and more secure transactions to easy scan-to-pay features that make the banking experience much more convenient.

Now, prepare for the next evolution of CIMB’s mobile banking platform with the all-new CIMB OCTO App! Serving as an additional app at the moment to compliment the CIMB Clicks App, this new platform is designed from the ground up as the next-generation, future-ready banking app. So, if you’re a CIMB user and want to learn more about what exactly CIMB OCTO App is offering, here’s what you need to know and why you should switch over!

Enjoy A Collaborative Banking Experience

CIMB OCTO AppAlready available for download since 18 August, the CIMB OCTO App is the titular bank’s brand new mobile banking platform. While the app is still in its early stages, users can download the app now to familiarise themselves with its features as they get released progressively.

The CIMB OCTO App has simplified the user experience and user interactions in order to make the app as convenient and comfortable to use as possible; bringing in a fresher look, new colours and a more personalised design. For example, among other features, you can edit the app’s home screen and, in the future, add widgets to fit your preferences.

Additionally, users are encouraged to provide feedback and comments as different features get rolled out, in order to ensure user satisfaction is always at its peak. It should be noted that the CIMB Clicks App will continue to be available for SecureTAC and other features that are not yet available on CIMB OCTO App.

Innovative & Future-Ready Platform


But that’s not all – designed with the future in mind, the CIMB OCTO App has been developed on a new technology stack and architecture. This allows for newer and more innovative features to be easily incorporated into the mobile banking platform whenever they are available.

Features that were not available on the CIMB Clicks App will soon be made available and progressively rolled out on CIMB OCTO App! It goes without saying that the app has better flexibility, agility and speed to market, thus allowing it to support platform expansion of new features and traffic growth.

Experience CIMB OCTO App Now!

Mobile banking has never been so collaborative and convenient. If you’re a CIMB Bank user, it’s a no-brainer to switch over to CIMB OCTO App to familiarise yourself with its features first-hand. You may log in to the app with your CIMB Clicks User ID and password.

You can now download the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and HUAWEI AppGallery. For more information, feel free to visit CIMB’s website to learn more.

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