Why is the Opposition looking out for govt’s interests? Saravanan questions ‘angry rakyat’ logic

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri M. Saravanan says if the Opposition felt that conducting polls during the monsoon season would anger the rakyat, they should be more supportive of the idea.

The MIC deputy president said this in questioning the Opposition’s protests against plans to hold the 15th General Election (GE15) during the flood season.

“If the current government is making a grave mistake to hold an election during the floods and if the rakyat is truly angry, let them be angry.

“This would have benefitted them (Opposition). Why are they suddenly looking after our (government’s) interests? This is a mere political drama.

“They are just afraid the rakyat won’t vote for them after suffering for 22 months (under their leadership),” he told reporters after a special briefing at the Human Resources Ministry on Wednesday (Oct 5).

Saravanan, who is also Human Resources Minister, said there won’t be an issue in the event Parliament is dissolved soon as floods are only expected to take place sometime after Nov 15, as forecast by the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

“If Parliament is dissolved in the next couple of days, the general election can be held by the first or second week of November. We will still be safe, there won’t be any problem.

“Either way, we have discussed at length in Cabinet on measures to be taken in facing the floods. The government is ready. Even if there is an election before November, we are ready. There’s no need to worry.

“What we should be worried about is if there is a change in government,” he said.

The Tapah MP is also convinced that the public is wise enough to vote for the current government after suffering for 22 months under Pakatan Harapan.

“I don’t think the rakyat will (vote for Opposition). Even if they do, there is danger, as there will be a (flood) disaster. So, how do you change the government then? We must maintain the current government,” he said.