Xbox Game Pass May Be Getting A Family Plan

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For the countries that have access to it, the Xbox Game Pass is seen as incredible value for money. Though if you’re used to family plans like what Spotify and Nintendo Switch Online offer – among other examples – then you may feel like there’ room for improvement still. That may actually be what’s coming down the line.

Windows Central cites industry sources who say such a plan is slated to launch sometime this year. This Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will give access to five gamers the subscription service’s usual library of games, at a lower price than five separate subscriptions.

Xbox PC Game Pass Malaysia

The report claims that the intent for such a family plan was in the works for quite awhile. A few factors needed sorting out, such as royalties distribution. Microsoft is reportedly using the Office 365 Family Account as a base. This will allow the five gamers to link to a central account holder to take advantage of the family plan benefits, as long as they are in the same country.

While this is good news on the surface, it’s not clear as of yet if this is an Xbox only benefit, or if the family plan will also apply to the PC Game Pass. If it does, then it would be good news for PC gamers in Malaysia, compounding the news that we will be getting the PC Game Pass in the first place sometime this year.

(Source: Windows Central)

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