Yes Prepaid FT5G Unlimited Monthly Hotspot Quota Is Now 12GB

Yes 5G FT5G Plan

YTL Communications has made some changes to the hotspot quota for its Yes Prepaid FT5G Unlimited plan. When it was first launched in mid-December 2021 alongside the official launch of the country’s 5G network by Digital Nasional Berhad, it came with 9GB of hotspot quota but this cap only applies to 4G connections at that time.

When customers utilize the hotspot function with a 5G connection, this quota would not be affected. While we were not sure when YTL decided to change this but along the way, the company decided to change the policy by making the 9GB cap a combined hotspot quota that is affected by both 4G and 5G connections.

As captured at 11:55 PM today.
Yes 5G
As captured on MyYes app at 10:31 PM today.

This is something that you would see if you visit the First To 5G section of the Yes website right now as well as in the Prepaid Data Add-On Terms and Conditions document which is currently dated 6 January 2023. However, if you visit these sections on the website – Yes Prepaid Plans, Yes Prepaid FT5G Plan’s FAQ, and Yes First To 5G Campaign Terms and Conditions (dated 3 February 2023), the combined hotspot quota is listed as 12GB.

The 12GB hotspot quota has also been stated in the description of the FT5G RM30 Unlimited add-on inside the MyYes app. Once the hotspot quota is depleted, customers are no longer able to utilize the function unless they purchase the hotspot add-on which starts at RM10 for an additional 10GB and maxes out at RM50 for 50GB.

As captured at 11:55 PM today.
Yes 5G FT5G Plan
As captured on MyYes app at 10:32 PM today.

As for other parts of both the Prepaid FT5G Unlimited plan and FT5G RM30 Unlimited add-on, they remained the same including unlimited 5G for on-device usage and unlimited 4G on-device data albeit the speed is capped at 7Mbps. The same goes for unlimited on-net & off-net domestic voice calls, and unlimited on-net domestic SMS although to send off-net domestic SMS, it costs RM0.09 per message.

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