As It Happened: Diablo IV Issues With The PS5 Console

If you’re a fan of Diablo IV and you forked out the absurd asking price for either the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game, you’ve probably already been burning the midnight oil since yesterday. I am, of course, assuming that many of you that have committed to the grind are doing so on the PC.

As for Diablo IV players that purchased the game on the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5), they weren’t quite as fortunate. Why? Because their game was experiencing an “Invalid License” error.

What Happened?

(Image source: Blizzard.)

Basically, PS5 gamer who purchased their version of Diablo IV that gave them early access to the game by a whole four days early, were greeted with the error message “Invalid code” – 315306, specifically – indicating that they had an invalid code to the game, which obviously wasn’t the case.

Again, the issue only seemed to affect PS5 players, while gamers who purchased the same digital deluxe and ultimate editions of Diablo IV were safe from the issue.

Based on reports, the issue appears to be primarily with Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) although there are a handful of Xbox players that facing the same issue when trying log on to Diablo IV.

Has The Problem Been Fixed?

At the time of writing, Blizzard says that it has done some work to help mitigate the issue logging in to Diablo IV on the PS5, but also asked player that are still experiencing problems to provide it with as much detail as possible. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t appear that the issue as a whole has been fixed.

That being said, I spoke to some of my friends who actually purchased the game on the PS5; one of them told me that the issue reared its ugly head during the initial couple of hours. Basically, they used one of the workarounds that requires them to “purchase” something from the PSN. By doing this, they say that this fools the game into thinking that there it has finally made a connection into the network, therefore allowing them to jump into the game. Or queue, more specifically. Long story short, making a purchase on the PSN actually triggers Diablo IV into “remembering” that you have a valid license, which then allows you to boot up the game.

However, even when they managed to get into the Diablo IV server, they say that the gaming experience would only last for a couple of hours before being kicked out of it again. They said that this song-and-dance routine persisted for a while before it seemed to stabilise and as of this publication, the issue seems to have gone away.

(Image source: Blizzard.)

And that’s just one workaround to the Diablo IV licensing issue. We found another workaround from a gamer that requires using a second DualSense controller. The instructions were quite tedious, so we’ll just provide the link for you to check out.

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