PlayStation Reveals June 2023 Monthly Games For PS Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus June 2023 Monthly Games

Sony PlayStation today has officially unveiled this month’s list of games for all PlayStation (PS) Plus subscribers. As before, the selected games don’t follow a specific theme, so be prepared for a weird combination of genres in the collection. That being said, offered soon for the month of June is 2K Games’ NBA 2K23, Frontier Developments’ Jurassic World Evolution 2, and Devolver Digital’s Trek to Yomi. All of which are claimable on the PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 5 consoles from 6 June to 3 July 2023.

NBA 2K23 was originally released back in September last year, featuring new offline and online game modes, as well as updated team rosters and even historic teams. Also included on this year’s iteration of 2K Games’ officially licensed NBA video game is the MyCAREER mode and the Jordan Challenge, which tasks players with recreating 15 iconic matches from Michael Jordan’s career. Additionally, PlayStation notes that PS Plus members will also get access to “exclusive monthly MyTEAM packs”, which basically lets you randomly draw (read: gacha) basketball players and gear of various rarities to build your own personal team.

Next up is Jurassic World Evolution 2, which lets players manage their own version of the fictional prehistoric theme park that bears the same name as the overall franchise. As the park’s director, you are tasked to construct facilities and attractions, hire various personnel, ensure that both staff and visitors are happy and, importantly, make sure that the dinosaurs you own are under control – basically avoiding the mistakes that led to disasters and downfall of the park, as depicted in the movies. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll be hearing plenty of Jeff Goldblum’s voice in the game too?

Last but not least is Devolver Digital’s side-scrolling action game, Trek to Yomi. It puts you in the shoes of a young samurai named Hiroki, who embarks on a quest of vengeance against those who burned his village to the ground. The entirety of the title is presented in black and white, which is inspired by classic samurai films such as those by Akira Kurosawa, while its gameplay mainly focuses on close-range combat. 

As mentioned earlier, the rollout for this month’s PlayStation Plus free games is slated to happen from 6 June onwards, which is good news for those who’ve not claimed the collection from May. In case you missed it, included in last month’s list is Codemaster’s GRID Legends, Deep Silver’s Chivalry 2, and extreme downhill mountain biking game Descenders.

(Source: PlayStation [official blog])

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