Loyal Markets on the FX Market and AI Technology

Belize City, Belize – With forex trading growing in popularity along with the artificial intelligence revolution, companies like Loyal Markets are playing its part in helping the industry realise the full potential of artificial intelligence in trading.

Both the forex and technology industries are changing and accelerating at an unprecedented rate. As regulation shifts to keep up with the growth, brokers are competing to unveil the latest technological advancements. As such, most have now expanded their offerings to include on-the-go trading through mobile apps. The challenge in the competitive field of forex trading, therefore, is to create a solution that stands out from the pack – one that simultaneously adheres to regulatory changes while also meeting the needs of a new trading generation.

Loyal Markets has been using artificial intelligence to create a proprietary system that combines the machine learning of AI. with the discretion of humans to analyse trading insights and to find trading patterns and trends with high odds of success.

Some of the most valuable information for retail investors in forex trading is currency patterns and trends. Investors of Loyal Markets can now select various different AI trading solutions from the trading platform to assist in their trading decisions.

“With the Intraday Pattern Feed and Trend Prediction Engine, using artificial intelligence to trade forex currency is now significantly simpler,” said Will Colmore. “Retail traders and independent investment advisors can use the same technology as Wall Street firms to find patterns early.”

This technology can also provide insights on the percentage of outcomes that confirm successful trade signals in the past. Pre-calculated through backtesting, this information enables Loyal Market’s Fund Management team to make informed decisions about the pattern using artificial intelligence’s predictions.

About Loyal Markets

Loyal Markets is one of the world’s leading brokerage firms. The company’s mission is to expand internationally and become a global financial powerhouse. Uniting a work-force which specialized investment professionals globally, Loyal Markets also boasts a comprehensive administrative support, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and excellent risk control protocols.


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